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I really hate this company. The worst place a dealer can ever go through for you. They call you almost 10 times a day and your references embarrassing you. Im sorry but i had to cuss then out. No one should be harass like this. They don't even care if if you pay they...
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Did you try to pay your payment on time? That will normally keep them from calling you. I know it is always somebody's fault but your own but try and pay on time next time. ...

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UAC are total jerks. I paid my car off in 2005, on time, never late. Yet, because I had a bankruptcy that didn't include them or the car, they refused to report to the credit companies that I had good credit with them. Even when I owed them nothing and proved...
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Equifax can only report what is provided to them from the finance company. No use in fighting them, but be sure to file an official dispute with all of the credit bureaus that...

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