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They call my work and me 4 times daily. Rude and Liars.

I have called several times to speak and they still call. They call from 800 numbers, 469, 817 and other numbers. They say one thing and do the other. They never work with you through the issues.

I accepted it as my credit was low at the time and I understood it comes with the territory. About 14 months later, the car engine completely stopped working. Up until this point, I had been on time with my payments (even paying their exorbitant online payment fee at times just so I could be on time). I called a representative to find out what if anything could be done about this situation.

She suggested that because my account was in good standing and I would need to get a new car that this represented a financial hardship, and I would be eligible to have the account put on hold for two months as a courtesy. I heard nothing for over two weeks and then called back to find out if I could get the application for the approval. Again, I was told that I would likely qualify but that I needed to wait for the payment due date to apply. On the due date, I requested the hold (their application process) and was told a supervisor would need to approve.

Two weeks later I found out the hold was denied because I needed to show proof that I had paid to get the car repaired. By this point, it being winter and the fact that I have a baby and six-year-old, I needed to get any car. I tried to get the car repaired at two places and both places refused, saying that essentially the car was done. They also refused to charge me, feeling bad for my situation and I got another used car.

When I presented this information to United Auto Credit again requesting the hold, I was then told to attempt to sell the car for parts. Without the title, this has been difficult. I called them back to let them know this and then I was told by a representative (******) that I had originally agreed in the original November phone call about my situation to make a payment and then didn't make it, which is why I am now being denied the hold. This is untrue and I am now calling back requesting that the recording, from which I took detailed notes, be played again.

This same representative who made the accusation yelled at me, "We want our money!"and then hung up on me when I refused to let her talk over me or keep saying that I made a promise that I never did. I am trying to resume payments next month and I can't understand for the life of me why the courtesy can't be extended to me for an incredibly difficult situation. All they need to do is hold the account for a customer who has been in good standing all along. Instead, I have been yelled at, hung up on, and now have lies being told about promises I made.

I have called back to talk to another representative and have been on hold as we speak for almost 30 minutes.

I was then hung up on. I am shocked at the spitefulness and lack of professionalism.

Product or Service Mentioned: United Auto Credit Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: To be left alone.

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Since YOU are not paying YOUR bills on time, they have the right to make collection calls. They are a business and not your charity nor your financial education center.

If you don't want their BILL COLLECTORS calling you...very simple your bills on time. THAT is what needs to be done and no, I don't work for them!

to Anonymous #1341380

Haha anonymous cause you probably work for them. You sound like a complete *** btw!

to Anonymous #1346622

Typical sorry, serial deadbeat response. You have no intelligent rebuttal, do you?

to Anonymous #1390796

Yep, no response! Just as I expected!

to Anonymous #1396078

yeah i understand why you anonymous, this is someone that works for this company throwing rocks from a glasshouse lol

to trish #1403800

Who is this “anonymous” idiot? Very easy to see that you are probably Daryl or one of the other *** who say they have not talked to you or are making a desision on your vehicle.

Get over yourself.

I’m sure you have plenty of unpaid bills stacking up. Usually people who work for creditors are deadbeats themselves.

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