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I have a past account I'm trying to settle and they offer to settle no questions asked. After that I had 30 days from date sign of agreement.

In good faith I made one payment up front even being in my 30 day period. So I still get harrsing emails and phone calls. When are you going to be make your final payment. The months isn't even up yet.

So why ? Me on what we agreed to. Want let you talk to a supervisor or anything.

This people suck. And took my info and still didn't update my payment

Product or Service Mentioned: United Auto Credit Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Company wrote 0 public responses to the review from Aug 16, 2017.
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Oh yes...They financed your car and YOU failed to make on time payments. In other words, you shafted them.

They come along and offer to make a deal with you for some past due amount, instead of suing you....and "they" suck, right? Typical sorry deadbeat and no, I don't work for them!

to Anonymous #1386771


I've seen many posts with you giving people Sh@# who are here to vent. If you are annoyed by THEIR experience and how THEY feel, MIND YOUR BUSINESS !!!!!

Is your life that pathetic, and boring, that you're on here just to leave comments on somebody else's complaint? So that only leaves everyone to assume you work for the company, that has its own web page designated for complaints!

You hide behind your "ANONYMOUS " NAME and BULLY people in regards to their Grammer, and Financial hardships. And you're probably miserable at your job because you're the one calling getting hung up on all day long....

so you go home, and take it out anonymously, on the people who, if answered the phone, you wouldn't be able to talk to like that. Maybe it's time for a new career!

Your secret bullying that you and your co-workers sit around the water cooler talking, asking each other if they've read the latest post or not.

UAC employees take a good look to your right and left and ask yourself; who is "anonymous"? It is probably the person who made a high school friend commit suicide, or it's the quietest one, who was extremely bullied themselves!

I just hope that UAC does not have one of their employees assigned to make comments, anonymously, on the complaint website.

Something tells me you breach the TOS. Which makes me even more think that you work for the company, cuz they breach the contracts all the time too!

to April #1390800

Do you have an intelligent point-by-point rebuttal or is what you wrote indicative of your limited mentality?

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