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Im new with united auto credit. my family's was having medical issues and I ended up in hospital for three weeks so I couldn't make my payment. I talked to a lady on the phone telling her what my daughter just had surgery on her eyes day and she told me I could call when I could to make my payment then I got sick. The day I got out of hospital I called and talked to someone which he keep hanging up on me I finally got in touch with him he...
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UACC left a voice mail on my cell phone. "I spoke with your father this morning regarding your current situation. You need to call us immediately." (I am 45 years old and my father has been dead since 1978). I called back and was told they had not received my payment for this month. I said I mailed it 10 days ago, I am in my car but I can look at my checkbook. Gave the girl, not original caller, my check information. Then I told her about my...
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